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The Gardens of Cambridgeshire
A Gazetteer
by Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
Published by Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
Second Edition 2012
ISBN 0 9538542-0-5

The Gardens of Cambridgeshire

In this gazetteer of over 400 gardens, the Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust has, for the first time, pulled together the wealth of information on Cambridgeshire parks and gardens, both public and private. The result will surprise even the most ardent Cambridgeshire gardener, inform the interested visitor and encourage appreciation of the county’s historic and present-day landscape.

For ease of reference the gardens have been arranged in 33 tours, each with its own sketch map of site locations, which cover the whole of the county. A listing in the gazetteer does not indicate public right of access and prospective visitors are advised to check beforehand. Opening arrangements for many of the gardens listed can be found each year in The Gardens of England published by The Blue Guide, The National Gardens Scheme Yellow Book, The Good Gardens Guide and other garden publications.

Wood & Ingram
A Huntingdonshire Nursery

By John Drake
Published by The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
First Edition 2008 ISBN 978-0-9538542-1-9

Wood and Ingram

Following the remarkable discovery of over two centuries of ledgers from a company that ceased trading in 1950, John Drake has pieced together a fascinating history of one of the leading garden nursery companies in the region if not the nation. From the ledgers unfolds a panoply of historical interest: the large number of landed and landscape clients; the orders placed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown; his corresondence with the Earl of Sandwich; the cataclysm of the First World War; orders of trees, shrubs and roses for London parks, 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace through to 1950. Extensively researched and indexed, this is an authoritative reference for anyone interested in garden history or the nursery trade.

Cambridgeshire Connections
By Jane Brown
Published by The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
First Edition 2015

Jane Brown has published a set of six articles that explore the connections between Lancelot ‘Capability’ Bown and the county of Cambridgeshire. Though a Northumbrian by birth, who spent most of his working life based near London, Brown purchased the Manor of Fenstanton with Hilton in 1767. Why and how this purchase took place, and how he came to be buried in the Fenstanton churchyard, is told in this delightful monograph.

A selection of
Cambridge College Gardens
in the 21st Century

By Charles Malyon
Published by The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
First Edition 2016

This book by CGT Founder Member Charles Malyon collects together the accounts that Charles has contributed to the Newsletter of his many visits to Cambridge University College gardens over a number of years. These reports, meticulously researched for the histories of the gardens, were collated and edited by Julia Weaver in time for the 2016 Tercentenary Conference of ‘Capability’ Brown at Robinson College.

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