Zoom Talk: Gillian Hovell

Thursday 10 December 2020 11:00am-12:00noon
CGT Christmas Lecture
Event now closed

Title How Roman garden design changed gardens forever and provided the seeds for our modern garden design

Abstract This engaging talk invites us to view our own modern gardens with fresh eyes. As we explore the Romans’ innovative attitudes to plants and landscapes, we discover how they created a new concept: town and country gardens! The surprising tales behind the plants they grew – as well as the how and why – add colour and life to plants we still grow today. Indeed, what the Romans used as herbal medicines, ceremonial and religious decoration, and what they enjoyed as tasty treats might be a little startling. Add to the blossoming mix, vistas, garden features and sculptural highlights and you have the beginnings of our stately home gardens. But, 2,000 years ago, they were all carefully selected for very special reasons; their private and public green spaces were fruitful in meaning and messages.  Decipher them with Gillian Hovell, the ‘Muddy Archaeologist’, and your own garden – its plants and features – will never look the same again.

Our Speaker After graduating in Latin and Ancient History from Exeter University, Gillian Hovell worked in BBC Television and went on to become an award-winning freelance writer and archaeologist, excavating local and international archaeological sites (including Roman Pompeian Oplontis and Neolithic Ness of Brodgar on Orkney). Gillian’s passion is to add colour and depth to our lives today by sharing the astonishing  ancient world in person, in publications, in the field and on line. She lectures on the ancient world and its archaeology nationally and internationally, as well as lecturing for York University and the British Museum. She has lectured on tours from Neolithic Orkney to the Eastern Mediterranean and covered all the civilisations of the Ancient Mediterranean. Her newly founded ‘Muddy Archaeologist Online Courses’ provide and share a friendly and vividly accessible sense of time and place.

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