Live Talk: Kim Wilkie

Kim Wilkie is our 2021 Christmas Lecturer, recounting the 10-year restoration of the gardens at Villa La Pietra. Wednesday 8 December 2021: CGT Christmas Lecture from 11:00am-1:00pmThis event has now passed. Title Garden Ghosts. Abstract The restoration of a garden is a brutal business: such was Kim Wilkie’s comment on his 10-year project to restoreContinue reading “Live Talk: Kim Wilkie”

Live Talk: John Parker

Prof. John Parker will show stunning examples of Fynbos flowers in his talk following the CGT AGM Saturday 6 November 2021 12:00 noon – 1:00pm (approx.)This event has now passed Title Botanic Gardens of the Western Cape. Abstract The flowering world is divided into six distinct areas – the Floral Kingdoms. The Cape Floral KingdomContinue reading “Live Talk: John Parker”

Zoom Talk: Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson will present the 2021 Margaret Helme Memorial Lecture by Zoom. Thursday 21 October 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm This event has now passed but a recording is available to CGT members and paid guests for a period of two weeks. Please contact admin. Title Cambridge College Gardens. Abstract For all who have wandered through a CambridgeContinue reading “Zoom Talk: Tim Richardson”

Volunteer of the Year

7 September 2019 The Gardens Trust has recently instituted a ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, named after Gilly Drummond, who has done so much herself for garden history and who played a key role in launching Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust. This year, the award went to two volunteers: Juliet Wilmot of Wiltshire GT and Judith ChristieContinue reading “Volunteer of the Year”