Volunteer of the Year

Judith Christie displays her Gardens Trust Volunteer of the Year award.

7 September 2019

The Gardens Trust has recently instituted a ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, named after Gilly Drummond, who has done so much herself for garden history and who played a key role in launching Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust. This year, the award went to two volunteers: Juliet Wilmot of Wiltshire GT and Judith Christie (above) of CGT. The results were announced at the Gardens Trust AGM on 7 September 2019. Many congratulations to Judith, who said at the CGT AGM that this award was really for the excellent team that she has enjoyed working with and that she hoped the real benefit would be in improved recognition for CGT as a whole.

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Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust Newsletter Editor and Web-Apprentice

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